Book Consultation (60 min.)

Book Consultation (60 min.)

The Dream Ink House
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Desire to write your own books? Wan to self-publish and keep control over your rights as an author? We are currently accepting consultations! 


What is a book consultation? 

You'll get a one-on-one meeting to determine the direction of your book, and assistance on how to begin. Within 7-10 business days, receive a typed consultation proposal of your book which will include: 

  • A chapter breakdown, up to 10 chapters consisting of 4-5 sentences (a paragraph) each. 
  • An outline description of your manuscript, consisting of one paragraph. 
  • Professional feedback on where we see the direction of your manuscript and how it can be better. 

Follow these 5 Easy Steps: 

  1. Complete the Consultation Purchase
  2. Complete the emailed form
  3. Schedule Consultation 
  4. Connect at Consultation 
  5. Receive Consultation of book within 7-10 business days