Grown Woman Life Goal Financial Planner

Grown Woman Life Goal Financial Planner

Dream Loud Ink, Publishing
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The Unapologetically Wisdom Line was created to purpose an impact of prayer, growth, wisdom and financial stability over specific areas of our lives, while being intentional on our personal journey to becoming better stewards over what God has positioned us with. In this undated planner, you can start anytime in the year to work on your finances, debt and savings goal.

This biweekly planner contains a pre-planning section consisting of: 

  • A Year at a Glance 
  • Financial Purpose 
  • Financial Priorities 
  • 5 Year Financial Plan 
  • Planning for Life's Financial Curveballs 
  • Important Financial Phone Numbers 
  • Yearly Expenses 
  • Yearly Tax Refund 
  • Annual Credit Report
  • Credit Dispute/Cleanup 
  • Student Loan Debt Payments 
  • Savings Goal and more. 

As well as 12 months of biweekly planning with quarterly check-ins to help with staying on track to a better financial future.